ricardo fonseca

Ricardo Fonseca was born in 1978 in the city of Porto Alegre. He graduated in Architecture (PUCRS) in 2003 and in Visual Arts (UFRGS) in 2013. His artistic production is developed mainly in the field of drawing, articulating languages ​​and creative processes related to graphic thinking. As a comic artist, he has participated in drawing rooms and independent publications. In the year of 2007 he launched in partnership with Rafael Costa the magazine Recontos, project of literary adaptations for comics, with short stories by the writer Daniel Galera. He is a founding partner of Canhotorium Arte Aplicada, a collective studio dedicated to artistic creation for the areas of design, illustration and communication. Acting as a visual artist, he has participated in several collective and individual exhibitions, with special emphasis on the exhibitions Formas Aproximadas (2014), at the Iberê Camargo Gallery of Usina do Gasômetro in Porto Alegre, finalist of the IX Açorianos Plastic Arts Prize.

rafael martins da costa

Rafael Martins da Costa was born in Porto Alegre, in 1977. He is a  geography teacher of elementary school, researcher and comic maker. Having released some independent publications as Recontos (2007) – along with Ricardo Fonseca -, Mais Que Palavras (2009) – where he tells the story of the Argentinean anarchist Miguel Roscigna and Tchau Yano: the condor operation in porto alegre (2015), together with the Historian Ramiro Reis and also with Ricardo’s participation. He produced cartoons and comics on the internet in two blogs: and, between 2008 and 2014. In 2014, he also published the book Geografias em Quadrinhos – imaginando um mundo em sala de aula, in based on their masters research. Currently his production of comics and academic is in the blog Of course, he is also the founder of the Latin rock band La Digna Rabia.