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The guarani word “yvy” means land. Land that has several other meanings. For our industrial capitalist society, the land is a resource to be explored until its exhaustion and complete depletion. Taking from it the maximum profit as possible, nowadays. Tomorrow, that is the will of God.
For the native people of the Americas, the earth is our great mother. The one who gave us life, the food of today and that of our children tomorrow. Therefore, it must be respected and preserved.  In yvy, the land is a stage, a setting for stories, adventures, mysteries and visions. The thing to be explored is the ability to challenge the limits of our visions, world and universe. Follow Eva’s adventures, an native “missioneira” in America of the XVIII century, and the fight for her people survival and their roots in a mysterious world, surrounded by fantastic and supernatural events.
We invite you to enter this land and share visions.